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With the technology advancements available, we can support our clients training needs with access to our online lean training courses, and/or by providing help by scheduling one of our virtual lean consulting sessions.

Lean Manufacturing Transformation begins with Lean manufacturing training because people need to learn about the tools used during the lean transformation process. Next, they need to learn a specific sequence for implementing these tools and what to expect!

The Lean Manufacturing Coach website is an integral part of Radical Transformation, which is a premier Lean Transformation training and consulting business. Our goal is to provide excellent service and to deliver measurable results for each of our clients.

As part of the Radical Transformation team, we have access to a full spectrum of Lean training modules that can fit any size or type of business. Our online learning management system is one of the fastest ways to transfer knowledge of lean principles, and allow employees to develop the necessary problem-solving skills to transform any business.

What is Lean Manufacturing Transformation Training?

Lean Manufacturing Transformation training is a process where people learn about lean principles that were developed by the Toyota Motor Company. Today, these principles are known collectively as the Toyota Production System (TPS). The philosophy behind these core principles is focusing on increasing value for the customer by identifying and eliminating waste that is hidden inside business processes. This unseen waste is known as “The Hidden Factory” because people can’t see it without first learning what it is and then how to recognize it.

How Do Customers Define Value?

Value is delivering a product or service to fulfill a customer’s needs in exchange for money. Customer satisfaction is when a specific requirement is successfully fulfilled to meet the customer’s needs.

There are three specific requirements to be met for an activity to be defined as adding value for a customer:

  1. An activity must be capable of getting a product or service right the first time.
  2. An activity must change the fit, form or function of the product or service.
  3. An activity must be something the customer is willing to pay for.

If any one of these three requirements are not being met, your customers will become dis-satisfied because they will believe they are not receiving the best value for money.

We Help Clients Put the Pieces Together!

Lean Mfg. jigsaw pieces
We help you put the pieces of the lean jigsaw puzzle together!

Not only that, but we work with our clients to help them to understand lean principles. Once they have a clear understanding of their individual needs we guide them through the implementation and integration of lean principles into their business processes.

We help our clients to identify and construct their own Lean improvement puzzle to discover how their current business practices can better serve the needs of their customers.  We help them to identify the right pieces, and place them into the right locations, at the right time, so they can achieve long-term sustainable results.

Furthermore, we help them to define specific milestones throughout their Lean implementation process, so they have the ability to stay focused, and on track. This allows our clients to periodically take a step back and stay connected to the bigger picture, and to not get overwhelmed by details. It is critically important to remember that change does not occur by chance, it must be planned and managed!

Coach Clients To Improve Their Processes!

So, what makes us different from other Lean Consulting, Training and Certification companies?

Chris Turner is the founder and Director of Training and Development for Radical Transformation. He has more than 35+ years of hands-on experience in the Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) field using tools and techniques such as lean principles direct from the Toyota Production System (TPS) and Six Sigma.Lean Management System

Chris has developed an innovative and practical improvement system based on his 10-Step training and implementation model. It is easy to use and can teach your employees about the concepts and application of lean principles. He  created his model based on his years of experience in working with clients in the UK, USA and Canada.

You can learn more about the 10-Step training and implementation model by reading his book “Implement a Lean Management System – Create Change Through Improvement” or by visiting one of Radical Transformation’s websites listed in the sidebar links on the top right-hand side of this page.

Click on the image to see the details of the book, or to purchase a copy.

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