Visual Thinking

 The Visual Thinking Over the past thirty years, Dr. Galsworth has developed a wide array of visual workplace training and implementation courses–ten complete methodologies, with more than 70 modules of learning and application, and filled with hundreds upon hundreds of robust visual solutions. She has delivered these courses in person throughout the world.  Work That Makes Sense Created … Read more

Value Stream Mapping

Value Stream Mapping (VSM) is a critical element in the lean implementation process. Its purpose is to guide an organization towards the discovery of hidden waste within its processes. If an organization does not use Value Stream Mapping, it will have to rely on opinion to determine where it needs focus its value resources i.e. … Read more

TWI – Job Instruction

If you’re interesting in learning about Training Within Industry (TWI) and how it translates into standard work, take a moment to watch this video presented by Josh Howell from LEI. Job Instruction is a four-step method that teaches an individual how to do a job correctly, safely, and consistently while meeting all requirements. As you … Read more

Lean Enterprise

Any business owner or management team that is contemplating implementing lean principles needs to be clear about a few things before they start. They need to understand the three D’s: Discipline – The transformation process to become a lean enterprise requires a disciplined infrastructure. Determination – A management team must be determined to see the process through to completion. Lean transformation … Read more

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