Step 8 – Standard Work

Step 8 is focused on the procedure for defining the best practices. The best quality, cost and delivery metrics will be achieved by implementing the best practices and getting employees trained to follow them.

What is the definition of Standard Work?

Every good business tries to get their employees to use the best methods for achieving successful results. This is a common sense approach to do things right, the first time. However, what actually happens is that business owners do not follow through to implement these best practices throughout their organization. This leads to inconsistencies and variation in results. Standard Work is the method for defining these best practices and ensuring that every employee is following them to deliver value to their customers.

What steps are involved in implementing Standard Work?

There are five steps to implementing a standard work process:

1. Identify and define the best practice, that delivers a quality result, consistently.
2. Document the activities for performing the best practice, and make it visual using a combination of pictures and text
3. Place the standard work document at each work station where this process is being performed.
4. Train the employees to do the tasks as defined in the Standard Work document.
5. Conduct a periodic audit of the employees performing the standard work to ensure each employee is following the defined procedure.

How does Standard Work improve the business results?

Standard Work has a direct influence on the way an employee performs their job. It will improve the Quality, Cost and Delivery metrics that most lean organizations use to track and trend their business success. Everyone working in the business knows that they all have the same ability to generate the same results as long as they follow the same best practice.

Standard Work Video

In this short video, Chris Turner – Lean Mfg Coach gives a brief explanation about purpose for implementing Standard Work.

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