Visual Thinking

 The Visual Thinking

Over the past thirty years, Dr. Galsworth has developed a wide array of visual workplace training and implementation courses–ten complete methodologies, with more than 70 modules of learning and application, and filled with hundreds upon hundreds of robust visual solutions. She has delivered these courses in person throughout the world.

 Work That Makes Sense

Created and narrated by Gwendolyn Galsworth, The Work That Makes Sense eLearning System (WTMS) is a powerful series of 12 individual on-demand modules, based on Galsworth’s Shingo-Prize winning book of the same title.

Use WTMS to teach your value-add associates how to convert their own work areas, step-by-step, into a workplace that speaks. With over 900 powerful, full-color visual solutions as a teaching base, this series of webinars stimulates real-time learning and hands-on application–supported by exercises, checklists, discussion points, and lots of visual thinking. (In the past, companies paid over $50,000 for the same materials.)


Work That Makes Sense


In the moment that you open your mind to visuality, you can create an environment where information flows as the workplace begins to speak to you. The visual workplace is a more interesting place to work because there is no doubt about what is required or what to do next.

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